Belief Statement
  1. ALL students can learn and achieve academic success when encouraging and nurturing in a safe, respectful environment.

  2. By meeting the psychological, safety, relationship, and self-esteem needs of ALL students, they will achieve social and emotional well-being academic development, individual uniqueness, and maximum potential development for future success.

  3. The school counselor will actively identify and provide additional support for children with at risk characteristics and utilize a team approach to eliminate barriers.

  4. The school counselor will conduct activities to promote a positive school climate.

Vision Statement

The School Counselor will provide an atmosphere of security, acceptance, and encouragement as students work to reach their fullest potential in the areas of academics, career, and personal-social development. The school Counselor will also commit to establish a solid foundation as students successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible, and productive citizens who respect themselves and others. The school counseling program is continuously refined and improved through systematic review of student performance data and school climate awareness.